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It’s hard to believe we’re already celebrating our 1 year anniversary as CentraMed and I am excited to share how CentraMed is evolving to meet the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.

Our clients are challenged with rising expectations for higher-quality care, better outcomes and lower costs.  Building on our eleven year history and protecting the proud legacy of over $1 billion dollars in net revenue gains to our clients, we are introducing new solutions that focus on cost management, quality measures and actionable analytics, all moving us closer to the point of patient care. Our central goal is to become a national leader in Healthcare Analytics. To that end, we are integrating our technology-based solutions with domain expertise to build a robust technology platform that is patient-centric, cloud-based and is independent of the legacy client applications.

We are excited to share that our traditional revenue management database solution is being upgraded to a cloud-based solution called RM Analytics™.  RM Analytics™ features comprehensive analytics and reporting across charge audit, managed care, code-based reimbursement and process improvement, allowing our clients to measure and monitor the performance of the Revenue Integrity Department on a 24/7 basis.

The philosophy that drives our solutions is that problems should be solved in the earliest stage, thereby causing the least amount of negative financial impact.  For example, CentraMed Spend™ , our materials management solution, exemplifies this by providing immediate and actionable information to correct acquisition cost inaccuracies before they become patient pricing errors – while providing you with the information required to reduce procurement expenses.  Realizing that our clients are facing with decreasing budgets, we are responding with innovative, self-funding solutions with contingency-based solutions such as RevComply TM.

Recognizing the need to move closer to the point of care, we’ve introduced CentraMed eTrac TM which helps maximize clean claims and minimize denials, resulting in improved Business Office performance and dramatically improved cash flow.

Supporting our patient-centric vision, CentraMed Quantum TM connects disparate data silos across the patient continuum of care producing cost-to-cash  visibility.  Ultimately, Quantum will allow for an understanding of true patient cost of care.

With the evolution of mobile computing, we are deploying our solutions on a mobile platform that provides clients access to key their key performance metrics on the fly.

The common attribute in every CentraMed solution is exponential net revenue and a minimum10x ROI .  All our solutions are pre-built, cloud-based and feature a low-cost monthly subscription model.

I welcome you to explore our new solutions and welcome any feedback you’d like to offer.   I hope that you enjoy our monthly newsletter and webinars; and as always, I appreciate your direct feedback. You may reach me at vtorpunuri@centramed.co or, at 760.448.1058.

Vik Torpunuri

Chief Executive Officer, CentraMed

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