CentraMed eTrac™

CentraMed eTrac will maximize clean claims and minimize denials, resulting in improved Business Office performance and dramatically improved cash flow.

Value Proposition:

CentraMed eTrac is a cloud-based analytics solution that processes failed claim and claim edit data into logical and highest-value work queues. Failed claims and claim edits error messages are routed via intelligent work queues to the personnel most qualified to “work” them. CentraMed eTrac is shown to dramatically reduce denials and improve business office efficiency by 30%, resulting in much stronger cash flow, reduced DNFB’s and increased clean claims.

Detailed Solution Overview:

Failed claim and claim edits information is uploaded on a daily basis into CentraMed’s eTrac cloud-based analytics data warehouse. Once the data is uploaded, it goes through an ETL process which quantifies, classifies and stratifies the failed claims and claim edits into logical categories and most valuable rankings. The data is automatically assigned to work queues based on client preference. Business Office team members have anytime access to eTrac, allowing them to efficiently work the failed claims and claim edits until they are removed from the work queue. Utilizing eTrac dashboards, managers and executives can track trends, create accountability, manage performance and create performance improvement initiatives.
eTrac Financial Dashboards Workshop
With the optional eTrac Financial Dashboards Workshop, CentraMed’s edits experts will analyze client data and report to client management on a weekly basis to ensure maximum value of the solution.
Additional features of eTrac:

  • Cloud-based, analytics solution accessible anytime
  • Financial dashboards – 20 best-of-breed reports that analyze failed claims/claim edits data and allows for trending and tracking by month, quarter and year over year
  • Trend reports provide real-time status of failed claims/claim edits as improving, declining
  • Email alerts messaging and auto distribution of reports and dashboards
  • Role-based security hierarchies
Bottom Line:

CentraMed eTrac will provide a 30% increase in Business Office efficiency, and a 75% reduction in DNFBs, dramatically improving cash flow. Our clients typically see a 10x ROI.

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