Adapting vs adopting: Analytics as an Emerging Concept

Blog post by Jack Duffy   Date: June 30, 2015

AnalyticsDashboard_BlogMany healthcare organizations have spent the last two years learning about and making initial investments in analytics.  It is almost imperative that data will play a significant role in the successful management of healthcare organizations in future periods.  What may not be as clear is how these tools will actually influence day to day operations and more importantly modify treatment plans in real time. The Supreme Court’s decision this week solidified the future of the Affordable Care Act.  Seven million people retained their subsidized premiums and the country remains on track to achieve some form of national healthcare. Of equal interest, is the extreme energy being spent by big insurance to consolidate into 3 or 4 mega companies.  This will cause hospital systems and multi-state clinics to engage in additional rounds of consolidation to maintain some level of negotiating position.  The challenge will be to manage constantly changing organizations and relationships.  One of the emerging tools will be to deploy data using an analytic lens.  Organizations will be challenged to adopt a broad spectrum of tools to support data from traditional sources, external inputs, such as geo-physical statistics and input from diagnostic sensors. Once the selection process has begun the real work is adapting these tools to match the organizations ability to absorb change.  Retrospective review of over cost healthcare will have limited value in today’s environment.  The payoff will occur when treatment plans are influenced by gnomically driven information and thread the needle between cost and outcomes.  The key will be physician participation.  CentraMed will review those challenges in our next blog.

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