Client RMD/RID Webinars

The following webinars are available exclusively to CentraMed clients:

  • December 4: CCDR Forum 2013 CPT Updates (part 1)
  • December 5: CCDR Forum 2013 CPT Updates (part 2)

Charge Description Masters will need to be updated and education provided to the departments responsible for hard coding and soft coding these services.  Be sure to join us in December for the 2013 CPT Updates webinar to learn what the changes are and what they mean.
The 2013 CPT Update is comprised of over 700 changes:

  • 186 new codes
  • 119 deleted codes
  • 263 revised codes
  • 18 revised CPT modifiers
  • 150 updated guidelines

In the webinar we will review these changes in order to understand the CPT nomenclature reporting neutrality, explicit code ranges, emerging technologies, and what is involved in these procedures and services.

Watch for an email with registration information or contact your director for details about this webinar.
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