Endowing Healthcare Analytics Incorporated with SaaS Based BI

With the escalating challenges faced by the healthcare industry, providers must keep up with or stay one step ahead of the competition. According to 2014 report by Gartner, the lack of a BI strategy is one of “nine fatal flaws in business operations improvement (BOI)” in healthcare. Business intelligence has the potential to help healthcare … [Read More]

HealthCare – An Industry Under Transformation

What if your cell phone could detect cancer cells circulating in your blood or warn you of an imminent heart attack? Ubiquity of smart phones, bandwidth, pervasive connectivity, social networking, genome sequencing, powerful computers, imaging capabilities, information systems, and regulations are converging to create an unprecedented perfect storm in the U.S. healthcare industry. We are … [Read More]

Physicians Who Code: Or Maybe Not

Blog post by Jack Duffy   Date: July 14, 2015 As the healthcare industry counts down the last hundred days until the coding convention changes forever, it might be useful to reflect on where we are and are we ready. The history of mandates, delays and more mandates would fill a shelf with millions of … [Read More]

The Physician’s Role in Population Management

Blog post by Jack Duffy     Date: July 07, 2015 Asking if the physician community has a role in population management and the utilization risks associated with ACO’s may seem illogical.  The physician is the fountain of all spend and they drive the majority of patient care treatment plan costs.  As closer look will reveal some interesting … [Read More]

Adapting vs adopting: Analytics as an Emerging Concept

Blog post by Jack Duffy   Date: June 30, 2015               Many healthcare organizations have spent the last two years learning about and making initial investments in analytics.  It is almost imperative that data will play a significant role in the successful management of healthcare organizations in future periods.  … [Read More]

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