Introducing CentraMed Spend™

CentraMed Spend combines the power of business intelligence with expert consulting services to help providers reduce supply costs and ensure that the lowest and most accurate contracted prices are being paid on an ongoing basis. Traditionally, providers have had a difficult time tracking and analyzing their spend data due to standardization problems and the lack … [Read More]

Client RMD/RID Webinars

The following webinars are available exclusively to CentraMed clients: December 4: CCDR Forum 2013 CPT Updates (part 1) December 5: CCDR Forum 2013 CPT Updates (part 2) Charge Description Masters will need to be updated and education provided to the departments responsible for hard coding and soft coding these services.  Be sure to join us … [Read More]

CentraMed Education is Pleased to Announce our Charge Capture Series

Our Charge Capture Basic Fundamentals series is published and available for general purchase. Charge Capture Basic Fundamentals includes the following eight courses: Charge Capture Auditing Principles and Practices Charge Capture Steps to Auditing Charge Capture Chargeable vs. Non-Chargeable CPT Coding Introduction to CPT/HCPCS Coding CPT Coding Injections and Infusions Charge Description Master Fundamentals MC Introduction … [Read More]

Charge Audit Tip

How to correctly charge injections and infusions when a bolus is given and immediately followed by an infusion. If a substance was administered via an IVP and immediately followed up with an infusion of the same substance, it is only reported as an infusion (with documented start and stop times) and charging for the IVP … [Read More]

CDM Tip of the Month

What’s in a name? The Charge Description Master (CDM) is used by many different departments for various charging functions. The name attached to each charge must make sense and be easily recognizable to each person connected to that charge. Supplies, for example, are used in the clinical setting, purchased by materials management and charged by … [Read More]

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