CentraMed TheraTrac™

Cloud-based solution to manage new Medicare coverage limitations through continuous tracking and alerts to hospital Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy departments.

Value Proposition:

By saving the cost of non-covered services for one patient per month, the hospital will quickly experience a substantial return on investment. By notifying patients before they acquire a large self-pay obligation, the hospital can prevent customer service disasters.

Detailed Solution Overview:
TheraTrac receives a report of all new therapy patients daily and communicates with the Medicare claims processor to determine how much of the patient’s annual benefit is available to use for the course of care. The resulting value is then automatically reduced by using either posted charges or the scheduled treatment plan. Alerts are set for the first level benefit tier where the CPT code must change to a modified code; and, the second level, where the department must request extended benefits ten business days before the patient reached their limit.

The power of the Internet continues to dominate contemporary software development. TheraTrac was designed to reside as an Internet tool that is compatible with a wide range of devices. We understand that therapists are extremely busy and additional administrative burdens can lead to denials. TheraTrac alerts the therapist, unit secretary and manager of those patients who require action based on Medicare coverage limits. The system compiles a daily work list and can require that the correct steps are completed. The system will also store a selection of letters and documents that can be used to communicate with patients, families and payers.

Bottom Line:

TheraTrac can provide significant stability in an increasingly complex reimbursement environment. TheraTrac was originally designed to manage new Medicare regulations; however, the tools can assist with any payment source that includes benefit limitations.

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